The Buttress Pillow

The Golden Booty Ticket

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Here at the Buttress Pillow, we love Booty and believe that it should be shared so that more people can have the peace and happiness of butts in their lives. Our Buttress Pillow is wonderful but nothing beats the real thing. Introducing our Golden Booty Ticket (AKA Booty Call Cards). Using this beautifully designed ticket, butt lovers can say: "Hey I had a good time tonight, I like your Booty and hope I can see it again" It is truly an honor to receive one of these cards and they're funny, direct and awesome. Tested with proven results, just fill in the blanks and give it to the person of your choice!


🍑Business card sized to carry wherever you go
🍑Comes in packs of 5
🍑Strong, durable material
🍑Shiny and high quality