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In 2018, when the world was in desperate need of more butts...

One night in Singapore, Jia came back to his hotel room and couldn't sleep. He found himself thinking about his woman's wonderful, squeezable, soft butt. Oh how he wished it were in his face, giving him peace, comfort and happiness. He would fall asleep like a baby...


Naturally beautiful and comforting, the butt was the perfect place to rest your head. He couldn't think of anything better to sleep on than the 'sweet spot' just under the cheeks and between her thighs. 

With only his passionate love for butts and a dream of a much more Bootyful world, he created the first Buttress Pillow and brought it to Kickstarter where it was funded for over $50,000.

Since then, Team Buttress has sent out 10,000 pillows all across the world. We have been featured on LADbible, the Chive, Men's Humor, DiplyMashable, Tosh.0 and more. We have a near perfect 5-star rating across the internet and on our website and our esteemed Butt Lovers Club is now over 40,000 members strong. We receive news every day from our customers about how much they love their one of a kind pillows. 

Last year, we  released our OMG Look at That Buttress Pillow model on Kickstarter which was funded in less than 12 hours. It is now live on our website and is, without a doubt, our most impressive pillow yet.

People love The Buttress Pillow because it is simple, comfortable, natural and bootyful. We don't take ourselves too seriously and are motivated by booty, not money. Team Buttress works every day to honor and live up to the glory of butts around the world with a truly great product. 

We believe that butts are amazing and that the peace and happiness they bring should be shared. Of course nothing beats the real thing but hey, ours smells great, needs less maintenance, makes you feel giddy and is even more comfortable. So why NOT sleep on a butt pillow?

Behind our product is a grand philosophy, rooted in passion, love and nature. Butts are universal. No matter what race, religion, country, gender you are, we're willing to bet you like butts. It is part of our very DNA and a catalyst to life itself. We can't help but love them and therefore, each other. We celebrate both the diversity and the unity of humanity through our beautiful, 100% natural, biodegradable and enviro-friendly Buttress Pillow. 

It's 100% OKAY to love the butt!!!

Thanks for listening, we are always here to answer your questions and help out. Contact us at 1-833-GOBOOTY or through our contact form!

Butts for all,

Team Butttress AKA "The Butt Bringers"

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