2023 Mini-butt keychain giveaway [3-pack]

$0.00 $9.90 -100% OFF


2023 Mini-butt keychain giveaway [3-pack]

$0.00 $9.90 -100% OFF


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Info Photos & videos Why butts?

Free mini-butts for your keys and friends?

For a limited time, we are giving away up to 500 3-packs of our one of a kind Mini-butt keychains (usually $9.90).

Add a little butt of joy into your life with the one and only Mini-Butt Keychain. Shape identical to our ODB Buttress Pillow. With a stainless steel chain and a 1.5 x 1.5 x 1 inch booty, you can take this mini butt wherever you go! Great for sharing with Butt Lovers in your life. Everyone loves our mini-butts!

Now in 5 colors or choose the assorted option for all different colors. Each pack comes with 3 keychains! Just pay the $4.90 for USPS first class mail shipping or 14.90 for international shipping and they're all yours! Each additional 3-pack will cost an additional $2 in shipping cost. Limit is 15 3-packs per customer.

It's good to sleep on a butt.

No matter who you are or where you come from, there's something truly special about a nice, soft, and well-shaped booty. It's a natural wonder that brings us comfort, joy, and a child-like sense of giddiness. That's why we created the Buttress Pillow, a functional and comfortable pillow that captures the peace and happiness of a perfect booty.

Our patented design is incredibly versatile and can be used in many relaxing positions. The separate thighs provide ample air flow, and you can adjust the pillow's height by bringing them closer together or farther apart. Plus, the sweet spot is ergonomically designed to cradle your head right in the thick of it - between the soft thighs and cheeks.

Not only is The Buttress Pillow a great pillow, but it's also a joy to look at. Burying your face into it like a massage table is 100% recommended, and you'll feel your stress literally melt away. It's not meant to be over-sexualized, but rather appreciated for nature's most comforting design and used more in our everyday lives.

So why not give the Buttress Pillow a chance to blow your mind? Join us in this wonderful world of booty sleeping, napping, and chilling, and find the happiness and peace that comes from a well-shaped butt every day. We think you'll like it here.

Customer Reviews

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Dwayne Pierce

2023 Mini-butt keychain giveaway [3-pack]

Paul Russell

Got 3 of these keychains with my first order a while back, and they have walked off with other people because of how fun they are! So, seeing the deal for them, I needed more of course!

Love the key chains

I plan on handing these out to friends, and I am sure they will love them. I have already given some away, and they are definitely a hit :)

Mini Butts are Great

Lve these mini Butt key chains! Collect them, Give them away .. Who diets want to grab a little assssss

Brandon Blomquist
Mini butts

I like big buttons and I can not lie, but when you can get a big butt in a mini form, why not? These little key chains rock.. what a perfect way to show you love booty!

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