The Buttress Pillow

Mini-Butt Keychains Prize Pack [3-pack]

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Congrats! You found it. This Prize Pack contains 3x Mini-butt Keychains for $0. Just pay for the standard assessories shipping or add-on to your Butt Box Set and get free shipping! Limit one per customer.

Please wear your squeezable, fidgetable Mini-butt Keychain proudly and when someone asks you about your unique item, tell them you won it from the Buttress Pillow, the only legal purveyor of fine butts in the United States!


🍑Soft PVC material
🍑Stainless Steel chain and ring
🍑1.5 inches x 1.5 inches x 1 inch
🍑Identical to the shape of our Buttress Pillow

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