5 reasons why the world needs women according to TBP 🌎

5 reasons why the world needs women according to TBP 🌎

Happy International Women's Hump Day Butt Lovers

Sometimes some women are cool. Sometimes some women are comforting. Sometimes some women are kind, ambitious, creative, loving, understanding and... some are sometimes not. Same as men.

The Buttress Pillow is not one to BS just because of a 'holiday' and shower say stuff like "women are great!" (or 100 other generic, easy, empty compliments). What we can do is let you know what makes women REALLY special and why we need them so much in our world and in our lives.

1. Women tend to be more understanding. Men tend to be more warlike. In our world today when a single dispute between 2 testosterone fueled world leaders can blow up the world, we need women more than ever. No longer is strength give would be head of states the right to rule. It is understanding people and how the world works that makes great leaders.

2. Women are soft and nature has made them create the best butts. Soft things are nice, they are comforting and just plain great. And plus, the Buttress Pillow wouldn't exist without women and their inspirational touch.

3. Women literally just gained the right to vote 100 years ago in the US. Our culture, our old ways of having a house wife that listens dutifully to her husband was just a blink in time ago. Tradition is great but some people can get stuck in the past, believe in themselves less and feel the pressures of society pushing them in the same old roles. If we can make 4.7 star Amazon rated butt pillows, women can do anything and their potential is only beginning to be reflected in our world.

4. Women are prettier than men and make the world a much more beautiful and bootyful place. And everyone wants beauty and to be beautiful. Women just make it seem so easy!

5. Women tend to be more creative, intuitive and holistic and men tend to be more rational, calculating and logical. No one wants a world of just numbers, we want emotions and magic and not just cold steel. Everyone is different but generally, there is magic in the union of logic tempered by intuition. After all, even if men rule the world for now, women still rule men. It just feels right.

That's the 2 sense from a company that makes pillows from women's butts. Yes, we know, it may not be what you expected. But butts are universal. Never forget! It is good and perhaps even wise to love the butt.

Like we would say for everyone, embrace who you are wholeheartedly, unreservedly and boldly. Even if it's different from what 'they' want. Don't let the state of the world stop you from being real.

Happy Hump Day and International Women's Day.

This is a day we can definitely get behind.


Butts for all,

The enlightened savages at

The Buttress Pillow