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Ordering one in each size now. I'm a man if variety. You guys need to give a combo pack option asap.

The ORT Buttress Pillow
joseph heisterkamp

Super comfy, just firm enough to offer the right support for your neck. Great nap pillow

The OMG Buttress Pillow
Michael Gibson

Its really awesome and cute 😍😍 I love it!!!!

Very cool and funny

Better quality than I expected. Supportive and soft at the same time. Great butt.

Extra OMG Yoga pant Outer Cover
Happy wife, happy life.
Amazingly comfortable and functional!

Works great if you want to lay in bed to play Xbox or "Netflix and chill"; same if you want to sit up in bed as well. We use it on the couch as well as back support, and he uses it as a transitional object (i.e. blanky, stuffed animal, etc.) when we sleep.

Extra OMG Yoga pant Outer Cover

Very smooth and comfortable. Easy recommendation.

The OMG Buttress Pillow
Leslie Douglas

The was one of those buys that left me thinking I would be played for a fool and I can safely say that I was proven wrong. Shipped to me nice and neat the Butt Pillow is amazing. Very comfy and soft. Squeezable and yet durable. Using it so far there is no neck pain or awkwardness when turning around. Wether it's on my back or side I was able to enjoy the pillow. Slapping the cheeks. Burying my face in it. As an ass man this was one of the best purchases I have made.

The only thing I could honestly say is the strange smell it gives off but that doesn't really count as every pillow will have that because of the material.

Would definitely recommend for anyone looking for a personal pillow and double for those also with a strong affinity for butts.

The ODB Buttress Pillow
Kenneth Parker
Better sleep

I got this pillow because I thought it would be a hoot to have a butt shaped pillow. I didn't realize how comfortable it would be or how it would improve my sleep. These pillows are fantastic! I'm getting the next size up.

Excellent pillow! Perfect balance of soft and firm, and silky smooth yoga pant pillowcase.
Would like to see varying skin tone color pillowcases.

Extra ORT Yoga pant Outer Cover

The ODB Buttress Pillow
Christian King

The ODB Buttress Pillow

Perfect for anyone who doesn't like a flat pillow

Best pillow period!

This is one of the best pillows I have ever gotten my hands on! Some of the best sleep I have ever gotten! It has the perfect softness/firmness ratio and perfect for all kinds of sleepers. It also works great as a stress reliever! had a bad day at work? Just snuggle up with the butt pillow! Nobody can have a bad day with a nice booty to snuggle and nuzzle into!

The ORT Buttress Pillow


The ORT Buttress Pillow
Carlos Johnson

Love it

The ORT Buttress Pillow
Brandilyn Wood
Great quality

Better quality than I even expected. I bought it for my husband’s birthday that is 4 months away and I can’t wait to give it to him! Only complaint is that they were sold out of leopard print underwear for it! 😂

Increased Serotonin & Thankful Wife

The short review, this pillow is functional in every way. It has improved both my sleep and my marriage. It has functionality for almost any type of sleeper. For anyone reading this, if you are considering getting this pillow, trust me. Just order now. This pillow is worth every penny. I cannot express the magnitude of how much I recommend this pillow. For a more in-depth review, please read on.

This pillow is by far the best pillow I have ever owned. Not only is it comfortable, but I swear it boosts serotonin levels. Literally gave me the best sleep I've had in years, and as a father of five kids aged eight and under, that's saying something. Not only has this pillow provided a better sleeping experience for me. It has also provided my wife with better sleep as well. Namely, because the ORT is nearly identical to my wife's bountiful backside. (I did place them side-by-side to confirm this) Her hope was that this pillow would satisfy my desire to snuggle her butt because her butt is just not available for snuggling all the time (as she so frequently reminds me). To that end, this pillow has also been an absolute winner.

Now to dive into the function of this beautiful butt.

Support: This pillow is an incredible balance of both soft and firm. Much like a natural butt, there's the soft outer layers that give that soft cradling layer, meanwhile, the muscle provides a firm and supportive base. This pillow manages to mimic that perfectly! It feels exactly like snuggling a natural butt.

Odor: I read that some recipients of this most glorious pillow had some issues with odor. In my case, there was no noticeable odor and I was able to sleep on it the first night.

Function: I am a very active sleeper and change positions quite frequently. In side sleeping positions I found myself nestling in between the thighs held my head and neck at the right angle to have my shoulder comfortable underneath me. As opposed to traditional side sleeping which causes my shoulder to tuck forward and get achy fairly quickly.
For back sleeping I found the thighs to be excellent support for keeping my head nestled in between the soft cheeks.
For stomach sleeping it's a dream. The thigh gap creates an excellent channel for breathing while the cheeks keep your face perched at the right angle to maximize that breathing channel.

Perfect Around Your Neck

The pillow is perfect, the best kind of gel foam that keeps slightly warm but never hot. The shape is great for supporting your neck in just about every position. I can finally lay down with my earbuds in without them being jammed uncomfortably into my ear canal. I've recommended it to all my coworkers in nursing and they get a kick out of it.

Best toy

I made a hole for the pillow and put my special toy in it so I just watch vids of her while Fucking it

Great quality and so much fun!

This pillow is such a whimsical and wonderful idea! It's made with great quality and care. The sculpture that went into the design is pure art. Such a silly and stress relieving pillow adds beauty and fun to your décor. I love it. :D

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