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Based on 453 reviews
I thought it was a joke, but(t)...

This pillow is going to make you wonder why you ever stopped at those certain notorious mall-shops (I'm talkin' to you, "Stookbrone"β„’) and tried out those neck-pillows that cradled your head like it was a troublesomely hemorrhoidal derriere... why buy a pillow that treats your head like a butt, though, when you could just get a butt-pillow that treats your head like a head? Try it - it's like laying down on a cosmic fortress-wall (which is made of stardust, if you didn't know, so like super-comfy).


I seen this pillow on a TV program ( with that guy from the TV show Community ). That guy has another show now that features the odd, the silly and goofy things found on the internet. At first I thought this was a joke so I did a search and realized it is a real thing. I do sleep on my stomach and build up my pillows so I can breath but, during the night that gets all messed up. This pillow caught my attention because of the shape.... 1. It is attractive. And 2. It is practical. It does have a slight latex smell at first but that fades after about a week. It perfectly supports my head and neck so I wake up every morning refreshed. I mean really refreshed, as in the best nights sleep I've had in a long time. It is soft and gives just the right amount of support to make a very comfortable nights sleep. Not only is it comfortable it is comforting. I talk this pillow up so much I have convinced several of my friends to get one.
One request.... Make a cover in a Hawaiian print.
Anyone reading this... Treat yourself and get one. You will thank me later. I bought the OMG one.

The OMG Buttress Pillow
Michael Garcia
The Big one

Great pillow to lay on in just about position

Peace of Mind

The most natural pillow shape around; Fills the void within a little as well as filling your hand or nestling your head. As a semi side/front-sleeper, it took a couple nights to find the optimum side position, but after doing that I’m keeping this. Certainly works best for back-sleepers, makes a great neck-rest too!

Gluteus greatness

Truthfully bought it as a joke. Who doesn't like butts, right?
Perfect napping pillow and gray for just lounging on the couch.

It's a fine product.

It's a fine product. It was just as advertised and of great quality. That "sweet spot" is great for resting your head while lying on your stomach. And it's very comfortable when lying on your back. I like it - no ifs, ands or "butts" about it! 😁

Fantastic give-a-way

I absolutely love the mini-butt key chains.

Love my Mini-Butts!

They are the cutest keychains ever!! Love them!!

Feels gud

Feels very gud. Perfect for giving massages.


I'm a pillow guy got alot of pillows on my bed and they have all been replaced by THE BOOTY. First night slept like a king!! Just wished the legs were a little longer

One of my favorite things I own.

So happy I purchased one of these! Super comfy, and addicting to bury your face in. My only "complaint" is that there isn't an even bigger version. Though I'd probably want a full mattress sized butt if you made it.

Best Pillow Ever

The ODB Buttress Pillow is the greatest pillow I've ever owned, after sleeping with it for the past 6 weeks I can confirm that I've never been so comfy when sleeping. It's so good that now that the OMG Buttress Pillow is on sale, I've bought that too!

Everything was outstanding. My only small complaint is that the pilliow has a mild rubber smell. Overall a very comfortable and entertaining pillow.

Rarely this satisfied

Bought it as a joke and immediately got another. This pillow is far more comfortable than I imagined, no matter what position I lay. Truly an amazing pillow.

Best thing yet

Only thing I have a problem with is the latex smell

Hi Corey! The smell should go away within a week! It is 100% natural and harmless. Sleep well!

improved sleep with a nice view

bought 2 of the OMG models and i do not regret it at all, not only are they improving my sleep but they are also appealing to look at as well

The ODB Buttress Pillow
Conner Johnston
Good product

Caught my eye for a while, eventually I caved in an bought it. Initial regret set in when it arrived and I felt ridiculous, at the same time though I do love this pillow. I'm ashamed to admit how great it is actually. My only criticism is that the legs should be a bit longer and the front should be rounded like a person as well. Overall, improvements could be made but I still love my booty pillow and you will too

The Buttress Pillow Spandex Undies

They look great on this Buttress pillow

Amazing pillow

Absolutely perfect pillow, cradles you're head just right πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ˜

Excellent Customer Service

There was an issue where my deliver was stolen from my porch while I was at work and Jia personally replied to my customer support request and assisted in getting me a replacement asap using UPS to make sure this issue would not happen again. Even if the pillow was not extremely comfortable, (which it is) I would highly recommend this company just for the "above and beyond" customer service from the main man himself. Thank you so much and I will be a long time customer.

ODB Buttress Pillow

I wanted to give it 5 stars, but it smelled a lot and the pillow cover didn't close properly. so 4 stars

The OMG Buttress Pillow
Jessika Lienhard
Husband loves this

My husband loved this as a birthday gift. Wish I could have saved a few dollars and not had the keychains but the pillow is great!

Good pillow 10/10

Honestly did see an improvement in my sleep. Less tossing and turning mostly. Plus... c'mooooon look at it. You know you want one.

Best Pillow Ever

It's crazy comfy and it's just nice to look at around my place!

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