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2023 Mini-butt keychain giveaway [3-pack]

Best pillow yet....

So, when my boyfriend told me about the Buttress pillow I wasn't sure what to expect- but we had so much fun picking one out that he said "best resembled" my booty, so he could always "have a piece of me" in bed, haha! When it arrived, we were both amazed. It was literally perfect. Super soft and comfortable, and beats expectations. We love it!!

My new pillow!

I love my squishy new pillow, it reminds me of my girlfriend!

Multi-use, Multi-butts!

Honestly, it's a great collection to use as references for drawing!

The OMG Buttress Pillow
Kyle Grabowski

It's so comfortable !!!


Will buy again!!!

The ODB Buttress Pillow
Benjamin Harrison
Best sleep in years

This pillow has provided me with the best sleep I have had in years. Keeps my head and neck perfectly aligned, allow room for my arm to go under while not cutting off circulation.


Great pillow. Was nice for my leg since I fractured it


I f&^*ing love it ! My kids got a kick out of it as well !

The ODB Buttress Pillow
William Keator
Best pillow!

Absolutely love this pillow. After purchasing it I have had some of the best sleep ever with. So much so I purchased a second one!

The ODB Buttress Pillow
Justin Mulkins
out of this world

We think this is so awesome, very comfy, super soft, and the leggings are great. we will purchase another one soon!

You need this.

Fantastic product from a wonderful company. Get one, or two. Hell, buy all the butts but good luck taking mine.

Great Pillow

This is the perfect pillow to sleep next to and rest my head on. It feels unlike any other pillow, and retains its form and squeezable texture.


Got 3 of these keychains with my first order a while back, and they have walked off with other people because of how fun they are! So, seeing the deal for them, I needed more of course!


Will buy again!!!

Love the key chains

I plan on handing these out to friends, and I am sure they will love them. I have already given some away, and they are definitely a hit :)

Another beautiful booty to have ✨

(edit) (they accidentally sent me the wrong pillowcase size at first but quickly sent the right one for free. Amazing customer service!!)
I first ordered the ORT a while back and I loved it so much that I wanted to give the OMG a shot and it's just as bootyful! The size is simply perfect for my neck positions as it's not too high or low as the thighs are very easy to snug into, and the cheeks are so phat! They are very fun to just bury your face in and give a big squeeze like it's the greatest stress toy ever. It's so big yet still such a different shape to the ORT pillow and this adds more to the unique feelings that I get from each one. You can't go wrong with either of these pillows at all and again, I recommend medium undies to make them more snug ✨ in short, if you like big butts and I certainly cannot lie on this one, get the booty 💖

Bootyful buns with thunder thighs

The ORT pillow that I ordered has been a total game changer when it comes to my rest. If I am not sleeping soundly on the thicc thighs I'm having fun just putting my face in the cheeks and giving em a big squeeze, it's so relaxing and satisfying and will make you feel very much at peace, like watching a warm sunrise. You have to feel it to really understand what I mean which is why all I can say is get one and embrace that booty as much as you can! I recommend you get some medium undies to make it more snug too if you fancy ✨

Mini Butts are Great

Lve these mini Butt key chains! Collect them, Give them away .. Who diets want to grab a little assssss

Best pillow I’ve ever owned!

I purchased the jiggly Mikaila Murphy version because it's made from tree-sap latex (instead of foam), same as my mattress. Feels very natural, the strong latex odor went away after a day or two and I’ve been sleeping like a baby ever since. However, the original cover detracts from my petting experience because the material stretches tight across those cheeks, I have to stick my hand inside of there to catch good feels. So I ordered some L size, scrunch-butt biker/yoga shorts to enjoy the maximum effects, feels much better now and I can still stick my hand inside there if I feel the need to.

Neck support? granted~

The ODB felt amazing on my neck. Thanks to Bradford for ASSisting me in my purchase!~

Did I NEED it? No. Do I love it? Yes.

I’ve completed my Buttress collection! I wasn’t sure I needed this one. 4 butts is a lot. But Mikaila’s butt is delightful, so I figured why not?
This one is definitely different from the rest of the collection. It’s…squishier. But just as comfy as the rest of the butts.

Mini butts

I like big buttons and I can not lie, but when you can get a big butt in a mini form, why not? These little key chains rock.. what a perfect way to show you love booty!

Mini-Butts are so great

Perfect way to display your love for butts on your keys, backpack, Jacket, you name it! I just wish they were soft and squishy like the pillow.

Y'all can judge this all you want but it's given me the best sleep I've had in a while. 100% recommendation from me, you won't be disappointed.

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