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Putting the as* in passion

Jia is just a guy who loved an amazing butt—an amazing butt attached to a pretty awesome human. As he spent more and more time with her and her butt, he realized it was his passion and calling.

He didn’t want to be an engineer, a doctor, or some computer science guy. He wanted to love a butt, spread the love of butts, celebrate it, and share it with the world.

As he lay on her amazing booty, which was his pride and joy, he started thinking… hey, this is really, really nice...

Butt wait... is this actually a good idea?

Could we somehow combine the serotonin inducing feeling of butts with a comfortable bed pillow? And if we could, would it be the best pillow in the world??

Instead of just forgetting about it the next day and chalking it up to a butt-induced dream, we got to work...

We started with nature's most comforting design, refined it to be an ergonomic pillow for all kinds of sleepers, made it out of soft and supportive 100% natural foam that actually feels like a butt and wrapped it in silky smooth yoga pants.

We put our prototype on Kickstarter in 2018 and it was funded in less than a day...

Nature's most comforting design. Perfected

Now, we have three different models: the ODB, the OMG, and the ORT. We've been featured on media platforms like UNILAD, Tosh.0, Joel McHale, and more. We've sent over 20,000 pillows around the world and earned near-perfect 5-star ratings across the web.

To us, butts are just good and good for us. They are the natural wonder we can’t help but love and are universal. It doesn’t matter where we’re from, what gender we are, what color, what religion, or even what species. Everyone loves butts.

Quite possible the best pillow on Earth

We invite you to experience the fruits of our passion and labor and discover a seemingly crazy idea done to perfection that just feels right. One that doesn’t cut corners, is unlike anything that came before it, and that thousands of people enjoy using every day.

Join us in the new and wonderful world of butt sleeping, chilling, and lounging. We think you’ll like it here!

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We like big butts and we cannot lie


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