The soft, comfortable and functional pillow with the peace happiness of a very nice butt.

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Plushy soft, silky smooth and all natural

Our pillows are made from soft and supportive 100% natural latex foam that actually feels like a butt!

Our silky smooth and washable yoga-pant cover makes it hard not to rub your face in.

They are eco-friendly, biodegradable, hypoallergenic and will last a lifetime.

Functional, ergonomic and stress relieving

The 'sweet spot' between soft, separate thighs is ergonomically designed to cradle your head, support your neck and keep you cool. Great for all types of sleepers and nappers.

Lounge on the couch, prop your head up on the cheeks to watch TV, support your back, wrap it behind your neck or dive in face first and feel your stress melt away!

Choose your Booty

The ODB (Original Double Bubble)

Our first pillow funded on Kickstarter. A great starter pillow for lovers of a nice, spandex wrapped bubble butts.

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The OMG (OMG look at that butt)

Our most popular and highly rated pillow (4.7 on Amazon). A good choice for lovers of a fat, curvaceous booty for lounging, relaxing and napping.

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The ORT (Our Royal Thighness)

Our newest and biggest pillow ever featuring a small waist, athletic plump cheeks and wonderfully thick thighs. Great for all kinds of sleepers with more space in the sweet spot than ever.

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Possibly the best pillow on earth

Start the day right sandwiched between luxuriously soft cheeks. Come home after a long day to your Buttress waiting for you, ready to make you smile!

The Buttress Pillow has near perfect 5 star ratings on Amazon, Facebook, Google and Etsy. It's not only a hilarious novelty, conversation piece and gift for a significant other or friend, it is an incredibly comfortable and usable pillow that has the magic, peace and happiness of a big ole' booty.

Try The Buttress Pillow for 30 nights. If you don't love it, return it risk free!


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