The Buttress Story

Not too long ago, our founder Jia came back home after seeing his girlfriend. He had some trouble sleeping and thought of her and that magnificent booty. If only he could rest his hand (or face) tenderly on her butt… Lightbulb

Introducing the Buttress. The ultimate 100% natural pillow and support in the form of a big and beautiful booty. She is the perfect balance between comfort, function and again... booty. The Buttress was very successfully funded on Kickstarter and now we are in full production. We hope to share this near magical pillow that we know and love with the world. Sign-up to grab that butt 40% off when we launch!

What's in the Butt Box

1. The First Edition Buttress

2. The Buttress easy-wash pillow cover with adjustable strap

3. Soft Mini-butt keychain

4. 50% off 2nd Buttress Pillow Cover

5. Official Buttress Sticker

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Beautiful Design Buttress

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Why the Buttress?

The human booty is a natural wonder. It draws us in with its beauty, warmth and comfort. It is universal, ancient and perfect. We love butts so much that we have created the ultimate  pillow and support in her image. By the love of all that is smooth, round and soft, we will not give butts a bad name.

What makes the Buttress so special?

The Buttress Pillow is made from the finest all natural latex, considered to be the pinnacle of bedding material and has a very similar feel to real butts. She is 100% biodegradable and made from the sap of trees. She has a built in ventilation system throughout to keep you cool. The Buttress interior also has 2 parts: the softer cheeks and the firmer thighs to comfortably cradle your head. A durable all cotton permanent pillow case wraps her tightly so you'll never come into contact with the latex. The Buttress also includes an easy wash and removable yoga-pant-like pillow cover with a carrying strap. The strap ties at the top of the waist of the Buttress and can untie and separate allowing the legs to come apart. This feature allows you to dress up your Buttress with any kind of pants or undies you wish. She is a big butt measuring 14 inches x 15 inches and 8 inches of booty high weighing more than 2 lbs. Perfect for slapping, squeezing, face burying and her unique, natural shape will suit most types of sleepers.

What's Next?

1000 Buttresses are being produced right now. We have perfected the sample but of course we are always looking to improve. We will launch officially near the beginning of summer and our subscribers will get first dibs, grabbing that butt for 40% off retail. We are so excited for our pre-order backers to receive their beautiful custom butt box, bury their face into those sweet cheeks and finally, get oddly emotionally attached to their Buttress. After the 1000 Buttresses find their homes, custom butts, celeb butts and more will be the next step. Subscribe to our newsletter if you would like to join us on this journey to make the world a much more bootyful place.