Possibly the best pillow on Earth.

Bigger, better and more Bootylicious

Made of up to 6 lbs, 20 x 20 x 11 inches of luxuriously soft and supportive 100% natural latex foam that actually feels like a butt!

Wrapped in silky smooth yoga pants

All pillows include a removable and washable silky smooth yoga pant cover that feels great to touch and put your face in!

Cleverly designed for all kinds of sleepers

Our patented design allows you to sleep comfortably between plushy soft thighs and cheeks that cradle your head and support the neck.

Wrapped in silky smooth yoga pants

All pillows include a removable and washable silky smooth yoga pant cover that feels great to touch and put your face in!

Back in stock for a limited time!
Free, fast and discreet shipping
Highly rated across the web
30 nights risk-free
Back in stock for a limited time!
Free, fast and discreet shipping
Highly rated across the web
30 nights risk-free

Nature's most comforting design

1. It's an incredibly comfy bed pillow

We designed our pillows with usability and comfort as our first priority. With just the right balance of softness and support, it is seriously comfortable.

2. It's got the peace and happiness of butts

With just the right material, design and feel, we have captured the serotonin boosting, stress relieving power of a big ole' booty in our pillows to help you relax and fall asleep!

3. It's made of the best natural bedding material on Earth

100% natural latex foam is hypoallergenic, cooling, healthy to sleep on, eco-friendly and considered one of the best bedding materials on the market!

4. It's functional all around the house

It's not just a great sleeping pillow! Use it to sit up in bed, prop your head on the cheeks to watch TV, wrap soft thighs around your neck, lounge on the couch and beyond!

20,000+ happy customers

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Surprisingly ergonomic and comfy

It perfectly cradles my head in any position and the thighs nicely wrap around my neck. Never once was I uncomfortable through the night. The price point made me hesitate a bit with my budget, but pro-tip: It is totally worth it. -Matt, OMG, 2024

Birthday prank or best present ever?

I had bought the OMG Buttress pillow half as a joke for my partner. When he opened it, he looked like a kid whose birthday wish came true! He absolutely loves it! He sleeps through the night with it no problem. Admittedly, when he's not home, I snuggle up with it too. -Jessica Smith, OMG, 2023

Better than I expected!

It took me four months to decided to go for it. I ordered the ORT and hoped it would live up to the reviews. I was surprised to find that it was far better than I expected. I really love it!!! 😍 The ORT pillow is very comfortable and so squishy. - Ryo Amaro, ORT, 2023

Didn’t think I’d like it, but now I’m OBSESSED!

I bought this as a joke. Wasn’t sure I’d like it BUTT (hehe, get it?) the minute I laid my head on it, I fell in love. It is honestly absurdly comfy. Butt sleep is the best!!-Eddie Krauth, ODB, 2023

Pleasantly surprised

Turned out to be unironically a great pillow, I really enjoy it. It’s very cool, so you don’t need to flip it. And it’s very comfortable, just like some real cheeks. You might need a night or two to get used to the feeling, but most people will like it more than any other pillow immediately. 10/10 -Nathan Evans, OMG, 2023


The first night after the giggles of: "I'm sleeping on a butt, her hee!" the real pleasure of the pillow hit. It's soft and firm in just the right amount. I feel drowsy as soon as I rest my head on it. I can adjust the "thighs" as I shift to accommodate me being a side sleeper. I suffer from insomnia and this pillow has actually helped! -Ian, ORT, 2024

Sleep on a butt

Grab yours!

Rest between everything round, soft and good

Sleep like royalty nestled in plush thighs and cheeks. Wake up between everything round, soft and good ready to start the day! Feel your stress melt away as you sink in face first.

The gift of booty is the best gift of all

Whether for a significant other, a faraway friend or anyone who likes comfy pillows and nice butts, our one of a kind pillows are an awesome gift that they'll love using every day and night!

Take home a near perfect 5-star rated product

We have earned thousands of near perfect 5 star ratings across the web in the last 5 years. Our butt shaped pillow is no joke! It's an all around great pillow that makes a lot of sense and just works.

Worth every penny or your money back

We spared no expense and cut no corners making the perfect butt-shaped pillow. Give our product a chance to exceed your expectations. If you're not 100% satisfied, return it within 30 days risk-free!

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3 models to choose from

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3 lbs, 15 x 14 x 7 in.
5 lbs, 18 x 18 x 10 in.
6 lbs, 20 x 20 x 11 in.
Butt type
Butt type
A nice bubble butt
Curvy and cheeky
Thick thighs small waist
A great starter with all the feel
Well balanced and versatile
Biggest and most comfy

Bigger, better and more bootylicious

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Basic pillow
Butt pillows
1-2 lbs
3-6 lbs
Cheap, synthetic materials
All natural, premium foam
Does not look or feel like a butt
Stress-Relieving Comfort of Booty

Words from Team Buttress

To us, butts are universal. They are the natural wonder that we can't help but love that everyone shares.

We didn't make this pillow as a gag gift or for a quick profit. We set out to create the best pillow on Earth and to us, that just happens to be a big and beautiful butt.

We saw that with some refining, a butt would make the perfect pillow. Plus it would be the first pillow in the world with the comforting presence of booty!

Since our original Kickstarter in 2018, we have been perfecting the art of the butt pillow. Today, we are proud to present to you possibly the best pillow on Earth.

We hope you give our one of a kind pillow a chance to make your home and sleep much more comfortable and bootyful.

Butts for all!

Team Buttress