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Nature's most comforting design. Perfected.

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Words from our Butt Lovers

“Extremely well crafted and beautifully designed - hands down - this is without question the most comfortable pillow that I’ve ever owned”

David Jay Brown

“It turned out to be everyone’s favorite household pillow. A balanced pillow for both comfort and functionality. I really have had to steal it back from others in the home it is so comfy”

Kyle Wood

"Plump, supportive and soft at the same time. For me it's the perfect size. The thighs really are the perfect height for sleeping and relaxing."

Francois Comeau

"Puts head and neck at perfect alignment in multiple sleeping or relaxing positions. I used to have a lot of neck problems from sleeping wrong but not since I have had this pillow"

Donald Carothers

"Yes it is one of the most comfortable pillow out there and it's hella nice looking and I can relax better after a busy day of work and hands down the best looking pillow on the market!"

Raymond J Taylor

I can't get enough of this thing, I love it. Soft, squishy, and jiggly, yet supportive. The perfect butt.
100% recommend this.

Wesley M

This OMG Buttress Pillow is perfect. It's so so soft and bootilicious. I also have the original Buttress Pillow. This one is also soft and bootylicious and perfect. Both pillows are with me at all times when I am home.

I am so lucky since I have a wife who is not jealous. I am surrounded by Booty and love it!

James Peluso

After receiving my OMG about a week prior to leaving this review, I can say with absolute certainty - Best. Pillow. EVER!!!

It feel great, looks wonderful and is sooooo comfortable. AND it's just feels nice to rub bury your face in haha

If you have the option, spoil yourself and get one. I promise you won't regret it.

A. S. Sepulveda

Just got 2 OMG pillows and they are absolutely massive compared to the ODB. They're so wonderful plump and I can't resist burying my face into them. They provide amazing comfort during sleep.

Jonathan Smith
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