Mikaila Murphy X Buttress Pillow

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Mikaila Murphy X Buttress Pillow

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Info Photos & videos Why butts?


Mikaila Murphy (@mikailadancer), the iconic TikTok and Instagram sensation is teaming up with The Buttress Pillow to bring you her butt. Made of the same soft, comfortable material as our 4.7 star Amazon rated pillows. Comes with our exclusive shiny red undies, stickers and 3 keychains!

Support Mikaila and her world famous butt in the best way possible. By taking her soft, comfortable, functional and high quality booty home!

📦 Your order includes:
      1x The Mikaila Murphy Buttress Pillow
      1x Beige yoga-pant washable cover
      1x Exclusive Mikaila shiny undies
      3x Mikaila mini-butt keychain
      Stickers, care guide, postcard
      Discreet shipping on all orders!

🧘‍♀️ Ergonomic and flexible: The 'sweet spot' between the thighs is ergonomically designed to cradle and support the head. Flexible, soft legs can be positioned to your liking and can wrap around the neck.

🛌 Multi-function design20 x 20 x 11 inches and 6 lbs (regular) and 15 x 14 x 7 inches (small). Great for all kinds of sleepers, lounging on the couch, taking a nap, cuddling and supporting the back to watch TV, read or play video games.

🌲 All natural and soft: Premium 100% natural latex foam is derived from tree sap and is made in one piece. It's luxuriously soft, supportive, breathable, hypoallergenic, enviro-friendly and will last a lifetime.

👘 Silky smooth pillow is wrapped in a silky inner lining. It also includes a removable, machine washable and irresistibly smooth yoga-pant outer cover that is a joy to rub your face on.

🍑 Magic of booty: The Buttress has a lot of the peace, happiness and child-like giddiness of a big ole' booty. Slap it, squeeze it, bury your face and feel stress and anxiety melt away.

It's good to sleep on a butt.

No matter who you are or where you come from, there's something truly special about a nice, soft, and well-shaped booty. It's a natural wonder that brings us comfort, joy, and a child-like sense of giddiness. That's why we created the Buttress Pillow, a functional and comfortable pillow that captures the peace and happiness of a perfect booty.

Our patented design is incredibly versatile and can be used in many relaxing positions. The separate thighs provide ample air flow, and you can adjust the pillow's height by bringing them closer together or farther apart. Plus, the sweet spot is ergonomically designed to cradle your head right in the thick of it - between the soft thighs and cheeks.

Not only is The Buttress Pillow a great pillow, but it's also a joy to look at. Burying your face into it like a massage table is 100% recommended, and you'll feel your stress literally melt away. It's not meant to be over-sexualized, but rather appreciated for nature's most comforting design and used more in our everyday lives.

So why not give the Buttress Pillow a chance to blow your mind? Join us in this wonderful world of booty sleeping, napping, and chilling, and find the happiness and peace that comes from a well-shaped butt every day. We think you'll like it here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Koko Hart

I f&^*ing love it ! My kids got a kick out of it as well !

Best pillow I’ve ever owned!

I purchased the jiggly Mikaila Murphy version because it's made from tree-sap latex (instead of foam), same as my mattress. Feels very natural, the strong latex odor went away after a day or two and I’ve been sleeping like a baby ever since. However, the original cover detracts from my petting experience because the material stretches tight across those cheeks, I have to stick my hand inside of there to catch good feels. So I ordered some L size, scrunch-butt biker/yoga shorts to enjoy the maximum effects, feels much better now and I can still stick my hand inside there if I feel the need to.

Eddie Krauth
Did I NEED it? No. Do I love it? Yes.

I’ve completed my Buttress collection! I wasn’t sure I needed this one. 4 butts is a lot. But Mikaila’s butt is delightful, so I figured why not?
This one is definitely different from the rest of the collection. It’s…squishier. But just as comfy as the rest of the butts.

Austin Hagler
Mikaila Murphys buttress pilloiw


laron harris
The booty this City deserves and needs.

In the dark of the night this thing save me from cruel and unkind …. Stress Caused by the pretty jokers out here.

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