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Buttress Pillow Booty butt blog who we are

In 2018, when the world was in desperate need of more butts...


Jia was trying to sleep in his hotel room in Singapore. He was thinking about his woman's amazing butt and he couldn't go to sleep. Oh how he wished it were near, giving him peace and happiness with its soft, comforting embrace. If her butt was in and around his face, he would sleep like a baby...




Like the perfect pattern on the inside of a shell or the natural, wondrous beauty of a butterfly's wings, the butt was perfectly designed to be the world's most comfortable pillow with some clever designing. And so he got to work. With only his passionate love of butts and his mission to create a much more bootyful world, he brought his idea to Kickstarter and succeeded funding the Buttress Pillow for over $50,000! And so the age of booty had dawned and the world would never be the same again...



Since then, we have sold over 5000 pillows all across the world, have been featured on major platforms such as LADbible, the Chive, Men's Humor, Diply, Mashable, Tosh.0 and many more. We have earned a 4.6 star rating on Amazon, 4.9 stars on Facebook and 4.8 stars on Google along with hundreds of independent reviews on our website. We have over 20,000 followers on social media and receive news every day from our butt lovers about how much they love their pillows! We have created new products like the mini-butt keychains, the golden booty tickets and have recently released our OMG Look at That Buttress Pillow model on Kickstarter which was funded in less than 12 hours!


People love our pillows because it is simple, comfortable, natural and bootyful. You don't get such high ratings all over the internet for a gimmick. We don't take ourselves too seriously and it is a funny product, but by the love of booty, we will honor and live up to the glory of butts with our product. The Buttress Pillow was created through hands on research, constant innovation and passion. We believe that butts are amazing and that the peace and happiness they bring should be shared. The Buttress Pillow has captured the magic of booty and now, it is accessible to everyone. Of course nothing beats the real thing but hey, ours doesn't smell, doesn't ask you to take it out on dates, is more accessible and is even more comfortable to sleep on so why not!?




Behind our great product is a grand philosophy, rooted in passion, love and nature. Butts, to us, are not meant to be taboo or over-sexualized. We see them in popular kids movies like 'Minions' and cute videos of corgis. They are a natural and wonderful part of us that we should love and appreciate. Butts are universal. Their wonder and grace crosses race, gender, country, religion and even species. We can't help but love them and therefore, each other. We celebrate both the diversity and unity of humanity through our beautiful, 100% natural, biodegradable and enviro-friendly Buttress Pillow. 


Thank you for listening and please feel free to reach out to us directly.


Butts for all,


Team Buttress