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    April Showers Bring May Fl...

    April Showers Bring May Fl...

    Hello Butt Lovers,

    With good weather comes one of the most genius inventions in human history: The Bikini.

    There is no better way to coax us out of our quarantine than confident women showing off their butts on the beach. I mean without them, half of us would probably just keep on staying inside. Today we honor their service in uniting humanity and bringing them together once again.

    Butts for all,

    Team Buttress

    PS: Most of our team is moving to Los Angeles and we are nearly out of stock! Today will be the last day we will be sending out orders for a while so if you're still on the fence, get off it. You won't be disappointed.

    Bikini Buttress PillowBikini Buttress PillowButtress Pillow Bikini

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