Big butts and big news

Big butts and big news

Happy Hump Day!


Here at the Buttress Pillow, it's all about the butts. But recently, we've perhaps wondered... maybe there's something beyond those soft, beautiful miracles that we all love. Maybe there's more to peace and happiness than a big ole' booty in our face.

So, Jia our founder and owner, is starting a new project. A podcast called "In A Way" that is geared towards mental health issues and the deepest, realest talk in the most mind tickling, soul resonating way full of imagination and grand concepts. It is for empathetic people, free thinking people that want to find the answers beyond the butts and get to where they want to be in life. The first 10 episodes will be live next week and we would love it if you gave it a listen!

We will be sharing the link in our next email so stay tuned :)

Alright, back to the butts,


Butts for all,


Team Buttress

PS: We are almost all sold out! Our next batch will arrive by the end of the month but if you want yours now, take it.