Butts are NOT political

Butts are NOT political

Happy election week Butt Lovers,


Here at The Buttress Pillow, we like to keep things non-political. All the he said she said, fake news, the fear inspiring ads and the millions of dollars spent on ego are not in harmony with the way of the butt. People stress way too much and have way too little control over what happens that to us, it's hardly worth it.


The way of the butt (and love of the butt) is universal. It crosses not only party lines, but also religion, race, country, gender and even species. Instead of division and conflict, we choose to focus on what we have in common that we can't help but love. No matter what happens this week, let's remember what really matters: people and their butts.

Butts for all,


Team Buttress


PS: Also Happy Halloween!

Happy halloween buttress Pillow