Butts For All Homeless Initiative

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Dear Butt Lovers,


As some of you may know, the Butt HQ is located in Philadelphia, PA. As we are walking around our fair city, we notice there are people neglected and without butt. They are the homeless of our city, who have given up the societal BS that still plagues many of our own.


This Valentines Day, we will honor those less fortunate by giving 100 butts to our brethren of the streets. Because butts are for all and let's be honest, if I were on the streets, I would enjoy laying, sitting on and sleeping on the Buttress Pillow (because I've been there). We are also giving everyone a unique code worth $10 on our website. When people see our pillow being loved and used on the streetside and ask about it, our butt loving homeless can give them the code in exchange for cash. When it comes to butts, it is clear that everyone wins.


The reason why we choose 100% natural latex and not some man-made foam and use the highest quality fabric for our yoga-pant covers and sell our pillows at a very fair price is all because of our philosophy of universalism and goodness. On our website, we have hired beautiful models, professional photographers and videographers but we also love our own, care for our esteemed Butt Lovers Club and run giveaways and events like this one to include everyone. From John Legend, Kim Kardashian and Snoop Dogg to the nameless butt lovers everywhere around the world, booty is for everyone.


We hope that you will come with us on this journey to create a much more Bootyful world for all.


Yours Truly,


Jia and the Butt Bringers