Butts: good and good for you

Butts: good and good for you

Happy Hump Day!


There's a lot of different people in the world. Cat people, dog people, morning people, night people, female people, male people. Out of all the things that seem to divide us, only a few things we can all agree on. And one of them is that we all can enjoy a nice butt.

There's something about a nice, soft, unexplainably magnetic and beautiful butt. It's possibly one of the only magical things on Earth. So we ask... why not SLEEP on one!?

We don't cut corners because butts don't have any corners. We don't make them cheap because it wouldn't do real butts justice. We made them all natural because butts are the natural wonder we can't help but love. And that's the only way it can work. To capture the peace, happiness and goodness of butts in a functional, slappable, nappable, squeezable and sleepable pillow.


Here's to something we can all agree on.


For goodness sake, sleep on a butt.


Team Buttress