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Butts in the Tank

Here it is Butt Lovers,

During the summertime of last year, The Buttress Pillow met Mark Cuban, Kevin O'leary, Daymond John, Barbara and Lori. They made us a sign an NDA and just released us last week. We signed a joint deal with Butt Lover Kevin and Butt Lover Daymond for 50% of the company. Needless to say, they LOVED our pillows and Kevin even dove into our bed of butts we prepared for the show. The casting was full of wise 'cracks' and lasted about an hour.

My main goal was to get Daymond to get us a meeting with Kim Kardashian (because they worked together for like 5 years) and get the rights to sell her butt and also shoot a music video with him and Kevin. However, sad to say, it was Hollywood and after the show, it was clear that they didn't have time to be an active partner and were just in it for the money...

The Buttress pillow is about passion, tenacity and a bit of craziness just like what it takes to make and grow a real butt (if you don't know about this check out our butt blog entry: How to Grow the Butt). We didn't go through with the deal and they ended up not airing the episode.

We did not start this business and create the best brand in the world to be bullied by the empty promises of Hollywood or intimidated or held hostage by threats of not airing our episode if the deal doesn't go through. We are butt lovers and we know what's real and what's not and the realest thing in the world is butts and the people they come with. We were definitely not going to let the sharks take a bite out of these butts.


Thanks for being with us as we make our own way for butts everywhere.


Butts for all,

Jia and the Butt Bringers

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