Butts Never Get Old

Butts Never Get Old

Happy Hump Day!

As we journey through life, we change. From Legos and video games to toys, many things lose their charm over time. Yet, there are enduring interests we never tire of and a nice booty is definitely one of them.

At The Buttress Pillow, there's another thing we got tired of: the monotony of politically correct standards.

Today, let's break free from the confines of convention. Who says pillows must be bland rectangles? Whether it's a nice, soft and comforting booty or another passion I hope that we can embrace it and keep them close.

In an ordinary and yet very complicated world, The Buttress offers simplicity and depth. A pillow that comforts, calms and lets you forget and sleep in peace and happiness that actually means something. 

With 5 star reviews from thousands of open-minded customers and a thriving community of 50,000 newsletter subscribers, we believe that our one of a kind product deserves a chance to revolutionize your sleep and comfort.


Cheers to following your own comp-ass—of butts and beyond!

Team Buttress