Butts on Backorder

Butts on Backorder

Happy Hump Day!


It's true. Butts are in high demand and are always in fashion. Since the dawn of humanity until the robots and AI take over, a nice, soft butt will always be good and good for us.

Recently, our butts are being claimed fast. So fast that they are all sold out again! People are realizing that The Buttress is the real deal. From its incredible backstory and humble Kickstarter beginnings to its clever and ergonomic design made from the perfect balance of soft and supportive materials, The Buttress adds tons of value and comfort to our customers' lives.

While we are making you wait, we've reduced our prices to the lowest of the year to make it up to you until we're back in stock in less than 10 days! Plus, as part of our Buttress family, we're offering 15% off and 3 free keychains plus a free 2024 Best Butts Calendar with every order.


Don't miss out!

Sweet dreams,

Team Buttress