For A Much More Bootyful World

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The Butt Bringers, the Buttress Pillow, our brand’s mission is to make the world a much more Bootyful place. This is not just a funny saying or a play on words, it is deep with meaning and vision.


I, for one, am tired of the pretenders, the politicians mired in obligations to unworthy lobbyists and their own image and careers. I studied Political Science in school and what I found is that there is no way to really change the world through the established path of the politician. You either need to be ruthless and selfish or a pawn of the gatekeepers every step of the way. The Buttress Pillow is different.


Our brand and the chosen people behind it stand for something stupid. We don’t care what others expect us to do and forge our own path. We do not make our pillow an ‘adult toy’ or put a hole in it to make money. And we definitely don’t produce something standard and safe like car accessories or soap. We walk a fine line of our choosing and our Butt Lovers have really taken to it, despite the ‘odds’ that in-the-boxers think are against us. While people are shaking their heads at us, or labelling us or laughing, we have been producing one of the best, most misunderstood products the world has ever seen.


Our vision and our future, is to create real good for the world using the same philosophy of our 100% natural, ethically made and enviro friendly product. When something so ‘stupid’ and ‘weird’ can create real good for the world, we will show the world that labels, misunderstandings and ass-umptions mean nothing and there are still people striving to do real good in a modern, ninja-esque way.


Support us on our journey to make the world a much more Bootyful place and we will not only give you a truly wonderful product, but show you what butts can do for the world. Let’s unlock the future together and all take on the noble mantle of ‘Butt Lover.’


Butts for all,


Jia and the Butt Bringers