Happy Women Make Happy Butts

Happy Women Make Happy Butts

1000 years ago, most women were seen but not heard. They were an ornament in a time where physical prowess, war and competition ruled. A time where there was little room for softness and understanding.


Happy International Women's Month Butt Lover,


Today, we are in a very different place. This world is one where physical strength does not make someone more powerful or a better protector. Where ego and pride within leaders playing with modern weapons can literally end it all. In this world, we need understanding, a gentle touch and wisdom to survive. 


We celebrate butts because they are soft, warm and something that connects us all. A nice butt is a nice butt no matter the race, country, religion or gender. If everyone focused more on butts, the world would be a much chiller, happier and peaceful place.


Here's to the rise of smart, passionate and wise women. And their amazing, amazing butts.


For a much more Bootyful world.


Team Buttress