Hold on tight to the good things in life

Hold on tight to the good things in life

Happy Hump Day Butt Lovers,

Remember when we used to get excited about the newest lego set or hot wheels model? We were just kids, innocent and happy... until we got into butts. Nothing is the same now and even though we can still be kids, a great big ole' Booty is the thing we really want to play with, slap, squeeze and bury our faces in.

We take time this Hump Day to honor the butts that give so much to the world. The only thing that keeps getting more interesting as we move into adulthood and will stay that way forever. This is why we choose to make butt pillows. Because it is our passion, our pride and our joy. Forever.

Thank you butts, we will appreciate, respect and take care of you enthusiastically until our beards are grey and wrinkles crease our eyes.

Butts for all,

Team Buttress