How to Approach the Booty

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There it is… That nice butt there in one of its natural environments: the bar. What next?


She (or he but for this post we’ll be using she) is sitting with her friend, drinking and is getting a lot of attention from other suitors. Some guy is trying to talk to her but he looks at her in the eyes too much. He pretty much has "please, I need that Booty" tattooed on his face. Some stand off to the side and are thinking of ways to get in. Hesitation and overthinking is fatal.


The key is the flow. You like her butt and you are a good guy. That’s all you need to know. So you walk up and sit down next to her looking confident, kind of ignoring her while she is talking to the needy guy leaning on the back of a bar stool.


You don’t look at her even though she’s giving you quick glances between the other guys boring conversation. You just look straight ahead, contemplative or watch the TV and drink your beer. At a certain point you catch her eye for one second while the other guy is relentlessly trying to talk to her, you give her a respectful nod and a subtle, knowing smile. Now you’re on her team and she can’t wait to talk to you.


She becomes quickly more and more disinterested in the other guy and her answers become shorter and she glances at you more. But you say nothing. He eventually wanders off, making a poor excuse and now she’s looking forward just like you. You say something empathetic but direct like “This is why attractive girls don’t come here anymore” still looking straight ahead but giving her a quick glance and smile. She will look at you and say something inviting and the start of a conversation that is actually interesting.


Now, you have successfully made a warm approach, one that gives you the best chance to gain the Booty and possibly something more meaningful and substantial. Everyone has a different style and vibe and this is where you shine... after the approach. And if not, you’ll still have your wonderful Buttress Pillow to dive into when you come home.


Butts for all,




PS. Understand her as a human being, anticipate her desires, fulfill them the best you can and don't tiptoe around or overemphasize your desire for that butt.