How to Grow the Butt

Buttress Pillow Booty butt blog how to grow a butt

My ex-woman, the one who inspired the Buttress Pillow, had a cute butt when I first met her. Within months, it had become a Double Bubble without her gaining weight.


People often ask me: Jia, how is that possible? Did she do some type of special workout? Well, yes, she often did a night-time team building exercise with me, but that was not the core reason how the Booty was grown. The Booty was grown through much more meaningful ways.


She was in her late 30’s, beautiful and was a single mother of 3. She understood pain, struggle, was a hard worker and had a lot to show for it. It was so much different than the younger people that I courted before and I couldn’t help but be attracted by it. She inspired me with her journey and compassionate beliefs. I truly felt like she deserved everything, including all I had to offer.


Because of this feeling, I wanted to give her my time, attention and of course long, passionate hours in the bedroom. I respected her opinions, her space and tried to sense her desires and fulfill them as best I could. The fact was that we were doing good for each other and good for the kids.


As time went on, the miracle happened. Her eyebrows were growing back after the stress of her divorce. Her complexion became more soft and smooth and of course, her Booty grew to an absolutely wonderful, unprecedented size. I would squeeze it, kiss it, caress it whenever I could and was so proud to have helped grow such an exquisite butt.


Now, after growing a real butt, I can say I have a green thumb for these things. The Butt Bringers created The Buttress Pillow with care and attention with no shortcuts and all natural materials. Our hope is that our product and these short stories will inspire people and help them realize that the love of Booty is part of a grand universal philosophy and that the magic of Booty is real.


Butts for all,