It's Not Wrong to Love The Butts

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Okay, we love butts and we cannot lie. We can tiptoe around it, try not to stare too much or push down and hide away that love but it will always come back. Trust me. Many people feel bad about liking butts so much. "I shouldn't objectify women, I should like her for her personality." I had tried so hard to find these 'wholesome' reasons I liked someone: we're so similar, she's so funny, we have great conversations but how much of these reasons are real and how much is it just justification because we're madly attracted to them and their butts?


Look, we make butt pillows. People often shake their heads and say: "the world is gonna end, our generation is lost and see: people objectify women and don't respect them as people." These people do not understand our philosophy and our ability to let everything that truly does not matter fade away. Too many people these days are organizing information, even their own thoughts, into categories that our society has created for us. They worry about their facebook photos, the amount of likes they get for their birthdays, smiling and acting certain ways at certain times and pretending to be happy. Every step that they take into this artificial world, the farther they get away from their savage, natural animal selves. At the height of that is the love of butts. Butts matter truly as they are innate, the catalyst for life itself and so unexplainably, bafflingly beautiful.


We are the movement to go back to the old days without the filters of society inhibiting us from feeling, touching,  tasting, experiencing what really matters. We honor and love all butts. Because we can't help it. Because it's real. Because we're stupid. It's that simple.


Butts for all,