Key tenets to our butt pillow marketing... REVEALED

Key tenets to our butt pillow marketing... REVEALED

The Buttress Pillow walks the line that divides our proper, civilized lives and the savage, unchained nature of our animal inside. And so, it should be unsurprising that we have had over 700 advertisement policy violations in the last year alone... So how do we make our business the success that it is so far from 0? Here's what we do.


Happy Day Butt Lovers,


We stay away from salesy marketing. We make it funny, unique and engaging just like our product. We establish ourselves as a universal brand and far away from the adult product sector so we can reach more people. We vet every pillow to make sure it is that 5 star pillow. Our team of 4 is capable, full of passion for butts and hard working and we absolutely DO NOT use outside marketing agencies. We work closely with big names such as The Chive and sponsor the Night Time Show with Stephen Glickman. We have been on Shark Tank, got 2 partners and then turned them down when they didn't come through with their promises. All this is part of our brand, product, philosophy and we do it all to bring you the best damn pillow in the world and maybe much more... stay tuned.


Thank you for helping us make the world a much more Bootyful place for everyone.


Butts for all,


Team Buttress