Learn to appreciate a nice @ss

Learn to appreciate a nice @ss

Happy Hump Day!

To be honest, how can anyone not appreciate a nice, soft, round butt. It doesn't need to be sexualized or overly taboo. A nice butt is just a nice butt. That's all. And it is natural to want to look at them, be close to them and even bury your face in them from time to time.

With all the confusion, PC and noise happening these days, we choose to go back in time to the cl-ass-ics and not over complicate things. Back to when we were just cavemen and women. With just fire to stare at, the sky to watch, meat on the bone to eat with our hands and the peace, happiness, comfort and warmth of butts to make us happy.

Sleep on peace and happiness.

Sleep on a butt.


Butts for all,

Team Buttress