Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Booty 🇺🇸

Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Booty 🇺🇸

Happy Independence Day Butt Lover,


When the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776, it was the first step to true freedom for our country. Ever since, we have been trying to reach that ideal. We feel it, we breathe, we taste it but we can't seem to grasp it.


True freedom is the freedom from the things that really do not matter. Freedom from the social constructions that they tell us we should care about, how we should act, what we should do and what we should think like the British did so long ago.


This Independence Day, let us celebrate the things that they never told us, taught us or shaped for us to believe. The things that we ourselves discovered to be true... independently. And there is nothing more natural, simple and true than the love of butts.


Happy Independence Day but more importantly, happy independence.


Butts for all,


Jia and the Butt Bringers