Loving butts is the most natural thing on Earth

Loving butts is the most natural thing on Earth

Happy Hump Day!

The natural world has been around a lot longer than we have and it has made some really amazing stuff. The grand, calming majesty of the ocean. A sweet, juicy strawberry. And of course, one of the best designs on earth: a nice, soft and bootylicious butt. 

We at the Buttress Pillow appreciate what nature has given us and we use it as the source of our inspiration. Like covering strawberries with chocolate or using the sounds of the ocean in our headphones to fall asleep, we took nature’s most comforting design and refined it to be (possibly) the most comfortable and functional pillow in the world.

It’s natural to love Butts. It’s natural to want to be close to them and even bury our face into them! After all, there are no rectangles in nature. But there are a ton of Butts.

Something to think about!

Yours naturally,

The Buttress Pillow