Mother Earth is Bootyful

Mother Earth is Bootyful

Happy Earth Hump Day!


Earth is awesome and has created some of the best stuff. Sure humans have created new and interesting things but the Earth has been around much much longer and knows us better than we know ourselves. We just have to trust her to know what's good for us.

Sometimes, we think we know better. 

We replace sunsets with expensive modern art. 

We replaced the wonders of the earth with youtube videos.

And for some strange reason, we chose to make the one object we are closest to throughout our entire lives in the shape of a boring, unimaginative, unsupportive, unnatural and unmagical rectangle 🤯

Today, in honor of mother Earth, let us dethrone the usurper rectangles and bring back the rightful queen to caress our faces in comfort, softness and sleep. Nature's most comforting design.



Sleep on a Butt.

Butts for Earth,

Team Buttress