Nature's Greatest Creation

Nature's Greatest Creation

During the isolation of this seemingly never ending quarantine, we can fall off track. It's easy to look out that small window at the world from inside, not knowing what to do with ourselves for the day. Now, people may feel farther away from the butt as ever.


Outside, beyond the scope of our view, are lush forests, mountains and rushing rivers. A night of the clearest stars and animals of all kinds just being animals. Nature is there and we are surrounded by it, cradled in its embrace, even if what we see are bland buildings, lonely street lights and overcast skies.


Butts are just a part of nature, perhaps its best creation. Butts represent life, love and acceptance in a tribe, a community, a family. May we all take a moment, and ponder the beauty reflected in the butts around us and know that we are all in this together and that we are all just part of the beauty and power of the world and of the universe.


Butts for all,