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New Butt Model Incoming!!!

New Butt Model Incoming!!!

Happy Hump Day Butt Lovers,


It's our 3rd year making the most Bootylicious pillow in the world and naturally, our 3rd butt has been announced... right now. This Booty has a unique place in our line up... It obviously features a great, athletic butt but what makes her really special is her plump, thick and super soft thighs which you can literally sink your entire face into.


We are SO excited to be bringing another relevant butt into the Bootyque and after a lot of R&D we are very happy with the result but we don't have a name for her yet... Let us know what you think this beautiful work of art should be called and if we pick your name, we'll send you a free one before anyone else gets it! It should follow the pattern of 3 words like the ODB or the OMG but if it doesn't and the name just feels right, that's just fine with us.


We don't believe in rules here at The Buttress Pillow. We believe in quality and value and we got plenty of that.


Butts for all,


Team Buttress

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Keith White calendar_today

I think you should call it the OMT meaning Oh My Thighs! There’s 3 letters and I think it just fits.

Isaiah M. calendar_today

OTP. One True Pair(of thighs).
OTP. One/Original True Pair/Pairing(butt and thighs).
TTT. Tastefully Thick Thighs.
TTT. Thick Tasty Thighs.
TTT. Thick Thunder Thighs.
TTL. Thicknificent Thunderlicious Lullathighs.
ATT. Absolute Territory Temptress.
TOS. Thighs Of Service/Slumber.
SUP. Soft Undeniably Plump.
AFK. Ample Full Kalon.
AKA. Amicable  Kempt  Altruistic.
BTW. Bountiful Thick Wholesome.

Robin calendar_today

Sensational design! My name ideas:
ODG – Oh Damn Girl
OYF – Oh You Fiiine
OTT – Oh Them Thighs


Nicholas calendar_today

ATG – “ass to grass” the squat low edition.

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