Origin Story: Revealed

Buttress Pillow Booty butt blog origin story

I'm Jia (pronounced Jai), founder and owner of the Buttress Pillow and a lot of people have asked about who I am and how I came to be the Butt Bringer Prime. I didn't want to talk about myself because the brand is about all butt lovers but now feels like the right time.


I was born in China and came to the US at age 5. I was raised between worlds and cultures with my family wanting me to be a doctor and fulfill their antiquated 'honor the family' while my teachers told me to follow my passion and my friends... well we just wanted to have fun. Through my adolescent years I really didn't know what to believe with so many of my influences contradicting each other but I knew one thing. I loved butts.


Because of my upbringing, I felt embarrassed, even ashamed that I liked butts so much so I held it in. I would look at a nice, beautiful bubble butt and be mad at myself for being so shallow. Needless to say I was struggling. And so I went on a journey.


Through the next 10 years, I attended college at Wake Forest University and drank my way through college. I became homeless living on the streets of Boston, stealing from Target (cuz they're pretty much asking for it) and getting free bread from Panera. I studied martial arts living at the Shaolin Monastery in China to test myself (I got my ass kicked a lot) for 4 months in the mountains. I played street music in Venice, Italy for 5 months and created an album dedicated to unity and love. I grew and became confident over these experiences and then I met Anna.


She was my boss at the time and stunningly beautiful. She had a nice butt and we ended up getting together. I've had various other girlfriends but she was different. She was a single mom, a self made millionaire and I believed that she deserved the world. I grew her butt to almost twice the size of when I first met her (no, she didn't gain weight in other places) and I was content for the 3 years we were together. I took care of that butt and it was precious. She was happy. I was happy and the kids were happy but no one, not my friends, family, her ex-husband knew we were together. For 3 years we kept it secret and to be honest it was very exciting.


Then, she suddenly lost her Visa and was deported back to Singapore. I followed her with almost no money in the bank and stayed for 3 months but I knew honor would not let me take her money and I was running out of mine. She could not tell her parents about us because they were very traditional and I was a nobody and a younger guy. So, seeing the world set to rip us apart, I was very troubled (to say the least) and laid awake in my AirBnB at 3am after taking a cab back. I couldn't sleep. After too much thinking, I wished that her butt was near my face because it is the only thing that could calm me down in times like this. The rest, is history.


She is still there, free. She taught me business, hard work and the miracles that true love and passion can create. Her butt is now famous throughout the world, but no one knows her name. Until today.


This journey has evolved beyond me. It is for everyone who finds peace, happiness and comfort in butts. It is for people of all races, genders, religions, countries because butts are the natural wonder we can't help but love. And it is time to tell the whole story... so far.


I hope this crazy story brought light to why my team and I work so hard to create a truly wonderful product. We believe in butts and apparently, so do many people around the world. Thanks for listening.