Our new mental health podcast: In A Way

Our new mental health podcast: In A Way

Happy Hump Day!


While we are waiting for our next massive shipment of butts, Jia has been working on a new project.

Butts have a way of bringing peace and happiness to minds. Peace and happiness has always been what we wanted. Unfortunately, peace of mind is in short supply these days.

Insomnia has risen over 50% in the last 5 years and mental health is a huge issue that free thinking, open minded, outside the box butt lovers often fall into. If you want to hear from our founder, Jia (AKA Jai) about his story and find a way to break through the walls to find passion, success and peace in your life, take a listen! After all, he was crazy or genius enough to create pillows in the shape of butts. And now, from Jia being homeless on the streets of Boston, The Buttress Pillow is worldwide. 




Butts for all,

Team Buttress


PS: We are almost completely out of stock! Next batch will arrive in 10 days!