Our. Royal. Thighness. (ORT)

Our. Royal. Thighness. (ORT)
Happy Hump Day Butt Lovers,

Okay butt loving people of Earth, we know you've been waiting for our 3rd model patiently. We have been working hard to make sure our newest pillow is up to our high standards but we need your help.

It turns out that each pillow is SO large that it doesn't even fit on our production line like the ODB and OMG and will be individually molded and hand sewn, one at a time and left to dry in our 30 new molds. It is an expensive process and we need your help to finish it.

We are going back to our roots on Kickstarter to fund the rest of the project. The Kickstarter will go LIVE in some time next week with our SUPER EARLY BIRD SPECIALS at only $99. The MSRP will be set at $199 so we are of course offering them to you, our noble butt lovers first.

This pillow is destined to be the biggest, best pillow yet featuring luscious thighs, athletic, perky cheeks and a skinny waist.

Stay tuned for our release some time next week and a very personal video about our mission and why we do what we do from Jia, Butt Bringer Prime.

Butts for all,

Team Buttress