Say it... you like that Butt

Buttress Pillow Booty butt blog you like the butt

Since I was young, I have always loved the butt.


I couldn't tell you why but it was always there, drawing me in. There was something so round and so amazing about those curves that sometimes I couldn't think of anything else. I felt ashamed for my love for the booty and couldn't tell the girl that it was attached to. I stared and felt weird, daydreamed about it until my relationship and feeling towards her had changed because of these thoughts, while she stayed the same. I couldn't even look her in the eyes! My chances to win her and her Booty were gone...


After years of growth and testing myself on other fronts like school, sports, public speaking, martial arts and music (probably to make up for my bottled up love of the butt problems) I was at a point where I was getting more confident and there was almost no other way to go than to get over it. And when I met a woman that I really liked and whose booty was just remarkable, I had to take a leap of faith. The time felt right, the vibes were good and there was a pause in the conversation. It was now or never... I told her... I liked her and her butt.

She SMILED and just looked at me smiling! I cannot tell you how relieved I was that she didn't look at me like I was from another planet. And after that, things flowed naturally and bootyfully for a long, long time.


Some people are ashamed of their love of Booty. They are afraid that people will look at them weird. From my experience, if you're thinking about someones butt constantly already, it's better to tell them in a funny and direct way when you feel like it should be said. Booty is universal, natural and ancient. Butts aren't the dirty, stigmatized things that people like Nicki Minaj make them out to be and definitely not something to hide. They are part of a grand philosophy of life, love, nature and acceptance. The Buttress Pillow embodies this belief and us Butt Bringers think it's time to show the world the nobility of Booty!


So just say it... You like him/her and love their Butt.


Butts for all,