Sometimes, weird is just BETTER

Sometimes, weird is just BETTER

Happy Hump Day!


Let's be honest. We're all at least a little weird. The longer we pretend otherwise, the longer we cannot wildly, unreservedly appreciate the booty and play our own, unique music in the sun.


Some things they tell us are outside the norm are just better, not just different. Like butt shaped pillows are so much better, more supportive, softer and filled with peace and happiness than rectangles.


So, here we are shamelessly promoting our product because it really IS that good. Literally if you search on Amazon "pillows" and sort by highest ratings, The Buttress Pillow is on the first page.


Thanks for your support, we can't make the world a much more Bootyful place without you!


Butts for all,


Jia and Team Buttress


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