The best gift this Xmas is a big ole' BOOTY 🍑

The best gift this Xmas is a big ole' BOOTY 🍑

Merry Hump Day Butt Lovers,

Santa is coming to town and he's got something very special this year.

Times are changing and the elves have been hard at work to bring the Christmas spirit to all, including adults this holiday season. It's true, we don't get too excited for presents because they are usually lame sweaters and things we know and stuff we could buy ourselves.

Santa knows there is one thing that still gets us unbelieving adults excited because it's what HE gets excited about. After a long Xmas working and flying around the world, the thing he looks forward to is diving face first into Mrs Clauses thicc, magical booty.

Santa is teaming up with the Buttress Pillow this year to bring the best gift of all: The Buttress Pillow. The super comfy, soft and ergonomic pillow with 69% of the peace, magic and happiness of butts.

Put in your order now and Santa Clause will deliver your one of a kind butt pillow just in time for the holidays.

Happy Holidays and butts for all,

Team Buttress

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