The Catalyst of Booty

Buttress Pillow Booty butt blog catalyst

Our Buttress Pillow may very possibly be the best pillow in the world, but nothing beats the real thing... and we're here to help with that too!


Have you ever had a great conversation with someone but needed to leave? Or met someone that you obviously had chemistry with but there were things stopping the sharing of booty? What a shame to leave him/her forever. And asking for their number is too cliche and not memorable. He/she will probably forget about you the next day and even if you texted him/her, it would probably be much colder than the last time you were hitting it off. It's always awkward.

Trust me, we understand. So we created the Buttress Pillow Golden Booty Ticket. The cool, memorable, sexy, professional and funny way to say: "Hey, I had a good time tonight. I like your butt and would like to see it again sometime." I came up with this card because I like Willy Wonka and because of a recent interaction. I met her at the bar and after using the methods outlined in the previous butt blog entry, we were soon making out right there. We shared a great night together and I left in the morning. She had 2 kids and I wasn’t looking for anything serious so… I awarded her the first ever Golden Booty Ticket including 2 bottles of wine and one session of top notch love making with no expiration, no pressure, no expectation and she will have it when she wants it. She loved it and it was the perfect move. After personally testing it, we are releasing this Booty sharing catalyst with our Butt Lovers. We left it open ended for the user to fill out as they please for any situation. The size of a business card, it is easy to carry with you. Beautiful gold foil on the front and back with writable sections for personalization. It is truly an honor to receive the Golden Booty Ticket!


To check out the Golden Booty Ticket, click here.


Butts for all,