The Gift of Booty

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Christmas is here and Santa and the holidays has changed a lot over the years. Before, we were excited to have no school, hang out with our friends and get the latest new toy or video game. Now, most of us get 2 days off of work, we drink a lot to put up with acting happy and successful infront of our in-laws and get 3-5 new sweaters that we'll never wear.


The Buttress Pillow does not pretend. We will not put up with the boring, superficial status quo of Christmas. This year, give grandma a big, soft BUTT for Christmas because she really is just like us. She's probably freaky AF and loves butts even more than you do. Because booty is 100% the most important and interesting part of the typical adult life. Let's celebrate it and make it abundantly clear. The Buttress Pillow is here for you this Holiday season to cut through the BS and get to what really matters.


Use our discount code: GIFTOFBOOTY to get 15% off this season and give the most precious, no nonsense gift of all.


Butts for all,


Team Buttress