The Most Noble, Honorable and True Goal: THAT Booty

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What's all this for? The Answer is Butts


We struggle, we sacrifice, we laugh, we cry. But what is the point? Some people say they want to be rich and gain power. Some people just simply want things to be easier, not worrying about the hardships of the day to day. Still others want to maintain their lifestyles. However, the goals of the wisest and the most enlightened people is surprisingly simple: BOOTY.


Money, fame, fancy toys, a big house, a fat bank account, freedom, power are nice. But they are part of the journey, never meant to be the destination. These things would all feel empty without the rightful booty at your side.


Flying on your private jet, going to see places around the world, buying fancy things after done 10 million times, will run out and get tiresome. Truly respecting, pleasing, loving, learning and caring for a deserving butt is forever.  The trick is finding the butt that deserves your endless care and attention and on the flip side, deserving the love given by that wonderful butt. This is why men and women throughout history go to war to defend their country, do honest and hard work, earn money and do extraordinary things: all to find and believe they deserve that rightful butt. It is like the North Star, so far away and impossible to grab hold of but always pointing us in the right direction, taking us closer to the one ultimate goal. The journey will take time, understanding and hard work but this destination is truly worth striving for.


Let's choose the pursuit of the most noble, honorable and true goal: THAT booty.

Butts for all,