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The OMG has been successfully funded and still LIVE on Indiegogo

Dear Butt Lovers,

Earlier this month, the OMG Look At That Buttress Pillow was successfully funded on Kickstarter for more than $20,000. This milestone marks a major leap for Buttkind. We are currently working on creating the very first mold and the first ever OMG Buttress Pillow not including our prototype. We step forward to this challenge with the knowledge and experience from creating the original Buttress Pillow and we are confident that the OMG will meet and exceed all Butt Lovers expectations!

We will be sharing our production process on Kickstarter and in our newsletters so stay tuned! The OMG Buttress Pillow will retail for $149, weigh 8 lbs and be 20 x 20 x 11 inches of squeezable, sleepable, slappable and nappable joy. If you missed your chance to claim your pre-order booty, we are live on Indiegogo where you can grab one at 40% off!

Butts for all,


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