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The OMG Kickstarter is LIVE

Today, we have launched our Kickstarter to fund the NEW most Bootyful pillow in the world...

Today is the official launch of the long anticipated OMG Look at that Butt model. She will be twice the mass of the ODB (Original Double Bubble) weighing a whopping 8 lbs with 20x20x10 inches of soft, beautiful booty. The new pillow will come in 3 colors: Caucasian skin-tone, purple and charcoal and will feature the new, softer and stretchier hedged yoga pant cover. The OMG Butt Box Set will include all the assessories of the previous version plus complimentary OMG undies to really bring out the cheeks. Our Kickstarter special will be going for $99 with free delivery to the US with Early Bird Specials up to 50% off retail! Don't miss out on getting your hands on the most Bootylicious pillow ever created!

Our goal is $10,000 to create the new molds for the pillow and get our first batch out to our backers. We need the help of Butt Lovers everywhere to make this happen. Our original model has been a huge hit and we will use the same passion, care and 4,9-star comfort formula for her big sister. Thanks for coming along on our journey. Today we take a big step towards making the world a much more bootyful place.

Butts for all,


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    You should make one shaped after a man

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