The Pursuit of Booty

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There is only one goal in life: get the Booty, and not just any Booty… Rightful Booty


A lot of people ask what motivates me. It’s simple… Booty. Team Buttress does not just want thousands of fans and have millions of moneys, we want to feel like we deserve the rightful Booty.


No shortcuts. That’s always been one of our less humorous mottos. We want to create value, inspire people through the butt and create something truly unique that honors butts everywhere. We inspect every butt to make sure it will give optimal happiness to their new master and trust us, we have rejected quite a few butts. We also take time to write the butt blog to be transparent and show our followers who we are and why this brand means so much to us and soon the world. With our great product and our steadfast philosophy, we pursue the dream of one day, truly deserving the rightful Booty.


The rightful Booty for me is the one (or two) butts in my life or an even more admirable butt that I haven’t met yet. The butts I respect so much that I wouldn’t dare to claim them without truly earning it first. In pursuit of that rightful Booty, Team Buttress works and strives and struggles and one day, with the rightful Booty happily at our sides, it will all be worth it. Besides, while we are working and striving, there are plenty of less rightful Booty’s along the way that we take time to research because c’mon… that’s like part of our jobs! And probably part of all of our jobs... in pursuit of rightful Booty.

Butts for all,


The Butt Bringers