The question is... why NOT sleep on a butt pillow?

The question is... why NOT sleep on a butt pillow?

Happy Hump Day!


A lot of people, when they look at our product first glance ask: why. The question, as with most things in life, is why NOT. Sometimes there are a lot of why nots but there are absolutely none we could possible think of not to sleep on, lay on and face bury into The Buttress Pillow.

It's all natural, supportive and more comfortable than regular rectangle pillows that are often filled with man-made, leftover mattress material. And it's got the peace, happiness and magic of butts that is sure to make you smile and relieve stress.

Combined, we have created one of the best pillows in the world.

It just makes... sense! As long as we can shed our preconceived notions of what a 'pillow' should be.

We at The Buttress Pillow do not choose to be a slave to the politics or what's 'proper' for no reason. We choose to be honest and when someone asks us where we want to sleep? The answer is always, always on a nice, soft, big ole' booty.

So we did it.


Butts for all,


Team Buttress


PS: We are running low AGAIN on butts and will be sold out of our most popular colors and models soon! Grab yours while you can!