The Real, Raw, Uncensored Origin Story Revealed

The Real, Raw, Uncensored Origin Story Revealed

Happy Hump Day!


Last week we had the pleasure of shooting our new commercial, starring Jia, about the origins of our pillow. It whitewashes a lot of the nitty gritty but before it airs, we want our followers to know the full, epic story of Jia and Anna.

6 years ago, Jia was hired for an e-commerce job by possibly the most beautiful woman in all of Asia, Anna. She was a total badass and a self made millionaire out of China. When he first met her, she had her hair tied back tight, had a stone face and he could tell something was wrong.


As he and her spent more time together, he found out she was married. Her husband was a business man and did not treat her kindly to say the least and she came to America to escape him and the clutches of traditional patriarchal asian marriage.


They fell for each other in the most unorthodox way. And although it started slow as both of them were trying to figure out what was right, the bounds of societal rules or what felt right underneath the surface, it quickly became passionate and very very intimate.


Within 3 months of being together, the universe answered them, that they were right to be together. Her thinning hair from the stress was thickening. Her skin became healthier, her eyes regained the shine of a child and she laughed. Her kids became vibrant and happy because their mother was happy. And the most incredible thing? Her butt grew happier, healthier and more than twice as big. It was then that he knew he had a real talent at making butts.


Jia was so so proud of her and her butt. He spent all day at work with her, sneaking in whatever butt time he could and every night having fun with her and the kids. He couldn't get enough of her butt and it felt right in every way even though it seemed so wrong from the outside. No one, not one co worker, not her husband or any of Jia's friends knew about their relationship.

3 years later her "husband", when filing her VISA, set it up so that she couldn't stay after 3 years. And so, she had to leave. The dream was over and the bubble was burst and reality came rushing in.

Jia, ever the idealist, followed her to Singapore where she stayed with the kids. He was happy with her and she and the kids were too. He tried to get an online teaching job teaching English but he wasn't selected. He didn't have a work visa and was running out of money.

He was running out of time. Her parents, her employees in China would never accept that she was with a nobody 25 year old. And it was not in Jia's nature to live off of her money dragging out what was inevitable. His heart was broken, not by her, but by the world and the forces that conspired to tear them apart.

It was then he knew what he had to do. To live his life that she had impacted so deeply. To use what she had taught him as an entrepreneur, as a beautiful soul, as a woman with an incredible booty, as a strong woman who did what she had to, for so long putting her own desires aside to fit in with an unjust society.

He would make a successful business from her butt, gain reputation, honor and respect so that at least they would have a chance to be together. So they can defy the world and have everything they need.


And so, as he left on his adventure, he set her free. Because he would never, ever put her in a freezer and ask her to wait. Wait like she's done for so so long... to be truly free.

Since then, he has seen how many people love and appreciate our product born out of the most unconventional love. It has become something else and now, he does this for the butt lovers all over the world with their own stories, sadnesses, happinesses and beauties.

We hope you enjoy something that we put, literally, our heart and soul into. We hope that you know that our product isn't supposed to be over sexualized. It is the natural wonder that we all can't help but love. It is the great unifying force that crosses all boundaries of race, country, gender and even species. And it's the simple peace and happiness of butts combined with an amazing pillow.

Thank you for listening and being with us as we travel boldly into the unknown. Into a place where no one has ever been before. We couldn't do it without you.

Butts for all,


Team Buttress

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