The sweet spot between both sides

The sweet spot between both sides

Happy Hump Day!

Sometimes smart is good. We need to be 'smart' to have enough to eat for the day, organize our time and save money just in case.

Sometimes it's good to be stupid. To forget about expectations, what we're supposed to do according to everyone else and do what we want unreservedly.

But when something is smart AND stupid in the right ways. That's the stuff. That's what we look for. Something that's not super serious that actually works in a fascinating, clever way.

The Buttress Pillow is one of those things that are both smart and dumb. Sure, people may look at it and make ass-umptions and some may brush it off as silly but for the ones that are open minded, it's one of the best pillow we'll ever own.

Here's to the simple things. The things that feel right on the inside even if it seems wrong from the outside. To doing the right wrong things in a world full of unsupportive, boring rectangles.

Sleep on a butt and join us in this new and wonderful world of butt sleeping.


Butts for all!

Team Buttress