The world is becoming more Bootyful

The world is becoming more Bootyful

Happy Hump Day!


Recently, our mission to make the world a much more Bootyful place has been more making leaps and bounds. We are so happy to be able to send so many amazingly comfortable, big ole' butts to more people all across the world.


If you didn't know, in our 3 and a half years in business, we have been featured in Tosh.0, The Joel McHale Show, The Chive, Unilad and more. Our pillows adorn the beds and houses of John Legend, Daymond John, Jen Selter, Mikaila Murphy (who's our favorite butt of all) and Ellen.


Those boxes you see in our California warehouse photo contain only 2 butts each and is the size of a full sized suit case. This is to guarantee the integrity of the pillow and shape of the butt so we can make sure our customers are happy with their purchase. But the point is that the 40 foot booty containers we bring in can only carry so many butts.


And we are running out with our next batch coming in around 2 months... so we wanted to let you know, if you're on the fence about our pillows, now's the time.


Take home the pillow that everyones been talking about, everyone has their eye on and everyone wants. Because it's just THAT good and even though it's more expensive than most "rectangular" pillows, it's a lot bigger, all natural, of the highest quality, irresistibly, unbelievably comfy, kind of magical and will last a lifetime.


Butts for all,


Team Buttress