Too many butts!?

Too many butts!?

Happy Hump Day!

We all know it. Everyone knows it from the most proper gentleman or gentlewoman with his/her pinky up at a tea party to a monkey swinging from a tree. Butts are great and we can't get enough.

Or so we thought.

Today, we are proud and not proud to say that we have too many butts and we need help getting them to happy homes across the world! With our biggest batch yet coming, we need to clear up some room in our warehouse and that means top discounts for our noble butt lovers.

For the next 7 days or until stock runs out, get 25% off everything. This deal will NOT last so if you're STILL on the fence, get off it and into a soft, supportive, all natural and premium quality butt.


Butts for all,

Team Buttress