We did a thing last weekend

We did a thing last weekend

Happy Pre-Valentines Hump Day Butt Lovers

Last weekend we had the pleasure of hosting a party with Mikaila Murphy, big dancing booty sensation for the release of her new single, What Goes Around Comes Around.

Over 150 guests, red carpet, getty images and a LOT of fine butts. To say the least, it was one crazy night filled with song, twerk and celebration.

As humble butt makers, this was a new experience for our team and everyone LOVED our pillows. These 'influencers' were literally fighting over these precious, soft butts and we got to see our babies get slapped, squeezed and twerked on all night long. Needless to say, we were VERY proud. We'll be looking forward to more big events like this in the future to get our name out there so that everyone can enjoy the best pillow in the world!


Butts for all butt lovers,

Team Buttress