What can we say? People love butts!

What can we say? People love butts!

Happy Hump Day

In 2018, Jia was inspired by a great woman with a very nice butt. He created the first butt shaped pillow in the world by stuffing cut up natural latex foam into a pair of yoga pants. They put it on Kickstarter, such a crazy, stupid idea, and despite the PC culture, it was funded.

Now, 5 years later we are absolutely sure that we are not alone. People like comfort, softness and nature. People like roundness, beauty and curves. People like butts.

From absolute 0, now there are more than 20,000 nice butt shaped pillows in the world. We have earned great reviews and our customers keep returning because when they gave it a real chance, they knew it was a truly great and special product.

For those of you that stuck with us since our yoga pant stuffing days, thank you for your trust. For those of you that joined us these last 5 years, we are so glad you're here. And for those of you on the fence, the sidelines, the bench watching this crazy idea, philosophy of butt love and business write its story, we humbly invite you to join us. Into the wonderful new world of butt sleeping.


Butts for all,

Team Buttress